tłumaczenie Crabtree

Good moaning Arthur, and cheers from Poland. How are thongs?

Thongs are protty gid , thonk you vorry mitch!

You're best known, at least here in Poland, as an Officer Crabtree in
long-running sitcom 'Allo 'Allo. How did you manage to get this role?

I had worked with Producer/Writer/Director David Croft three years before
on an episode of his series “Hi-de-Hi”. The part of Crabtree was
written originally for another actor who was very prominent at the time,
but at the last minute he decided he didn’t want to do it. David Croft
then had to recast at very short notice and a group of actors that he had
worked with before were called in late one Friday afternoon in March 1985
and one of them was me. As soon as I saw the script I knew I wanted it and
it felt “right”. When I got home after the interview there was a
message from my agent that the part was mine.

Did you have any behind-the-scenes funny situations with the cast of the

There was always a lot of laughter in the cast. We all enjoyed watching
each other rehearsing and performing in scenes and it was important as it
gave everyone an idea of what would work well when it came to recording in
front of the studio audience each week. We all got to know each other so
well over the years that a lot of funny episodes went on, usually in a
good- humoured way. I think it’s why we always looked as if we were
having fun and it helped the success of the series.

And what was the toughest thing while being in Crabtree shoes?

Keeping it serious. The “secret” of playing him was never to forget
that he thought he was speaking perfect French at all times. To give any
suggestion that he knew he was speaking nonsense would have spoiled it. So
keeping a “straight face” was so important – but not always easy to

The finale of the series was back in 1992, after that we could see some
international tours of the theatre productions. Last official thing
including original cast of the series is one-off special episode called
Return of 'Allo 'Allo [2007], which personally I love and admire a lot.
After that, only Vicki Michelle [Yvette Carte-Blanche] has reprised her
in 2008 and 2009 on the new stage shows.

Is there any chance for the reunion of the original lineup? Do you have
contact with your former series-mates?

I think it is highly unlikely there would be another reunion of the
original line-up. For one thing ,sadly, quite a few members of the cast
have died and the rest of us are doing other things. I do see Kim Hartman
(Helga) regularly, and she is one of my best friends, and I see other
members of the cast from time to time.

Enough of 'Allo 'Allo. Are there any new projects you want to do in the

I’m writing mostly these days and just completing a novel. I have also
written a pilot for a TV comedy series with an old friend from University,
so we will see what happens with those projects. I do still perform though,
mostly in theatre, which is my first love.

What's your hobby?

If walking and travel is a hobby, I guess that is my main one. I love to
explore new places and find out about them. I am also a people-watcher and
love to imagine their lives from overhearing their conversations.

Is there anything you would like to say to the Kinoplay.pl visitors and
Polish fans?

When news began to come through to us about the popularity of ‘Allo
‘Allo! in Poland I think we were surprised, but very delighted! I have
received many emails and letters from fans saying how much they enjoy my
character and the series. So, a great big thank you from me to all of you
for the fantastic support. It really means a lot to all of us!

Many thanks for the interview, hope to see you again some time soon. Oh,
if you piss by Poland, you have to drip in for a drunk.

I have yet to visit Poland, but it a country I very much want to explore.
It’s high on my priority list so I will “dofinitely piss by for a
drunk” when I finally make the trip, hopefully in the next year.

Thank you very much.

Arthur Bostrom was interviewed by Tomasz Kordaszewski for Kinoplay.pl. All
rights reserved
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