Nice to meet you Thomas. First of all, how are you?tabpd04

Thomas Anders: Thanks, I'm very fine.

Your contribution to the music industry is enormous, you have a lot of fans all over the world – a big cheers from the polish ones, especially a bunch of visitors. Is it hard for you to be a well-know star?

T. A.: What means hard? :-))) I'm in public since more than 30 years and I'm used to be well-known.
If I need privacy I'm at home with my family.

How do you deal with all of those people around you asking for autographs and photos?

T. A.: Most of the people are friendly and asking with respect. These people are my „customers” and to give autographs and photos is a part of my job.

Is the popularity a good or a bad thing for you personally?

T. A.: To be honest: I like it. If I compare the good and the bad sides of popularity the good moments have a majority.


What are your plans for the near future? New CD / world tour? Any gigs in Poland?

T. A.: I don't have a special world tour. I'm giving shows all year long but I don't like to be on the road for weeks. The maximum for a tour is two weeks.

At the end of the year I'm releasing my first Christmas album and I'm really excited about it.
In Poland I will have shows on 26/5 Szcecin, 26/8 Deszczno, 29/11 Krakau, 30/11 Breslau, 01/12 Posnan, 02/12 Warsow

Any chances for joining forces with Dieter? Perhaps someday we could see a reunion of Modern Talking?

T. A.: Modern Talking with Dieter and me will be history. We had a great time together and sensational career. I present the spirit of Modern Talking with my songs and in my shows.

What's your hobby?

T. A.: Actually music is my passion. But when I'm at home I love to cook.

Thank you for your time. Take care and hopefully see you soon. Best regards.


Thomas Anders was interviewed by Tomasz Kordaszewski for All rights reserved

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