Interview with Bruce Campbell

Hello Bruce and thank you for your time. Acting – your way of life or  just a job?
bruce-campbellBruce Campbell: It's both, of course. It's how I make a living, but it is also something that brings me great joy. I can't imagine doing anything else.

How did you manage to get the role of Ash in Evil Dead?

Bruce Campbell:
I was one of the business partners of the company formed to make the movie. So, I simply gave myself the role!
Remember any funny moments while working on the trilogy?

Bruce Campbell: Yes, hundreds of funny things, but nothing that you would find amusing. That's because on a film set, many strange things happen, but they are only funny to the people making the movie at that exact moment, under those xact conditions.

Part 4
someday or no way?

Bruce Campbell:
Nobody really knows. Sam Raimi is very busy these days and I am very busy. We would both like to make it, but only when the time is right.


Is it hard for you to be a well-known star?

Bruce Campbell:
I am working in Colombia right now and nobody knows who I am, so it all depends on where I go. In my home state of Oregon, I am known, but nobody cares. I like it that way.
What's your hobby?

Bruce Campbell:
Being an actor. That's how it all started.
Keep on doing a great job. And give the Poland some sugar, babe! Thanks for the interview.

Bruce Campbell: Stay groovy and Shop Smart! Regards to sunny Poland.

campbell wywiad

Bruce Campbell was interviewed by Tomasz Kordaszewski for All rights reserved.

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